Le Pôle européen de création des Suds

Le Pôle européen de création des Suds is a grouping of complementary artistic and cultural activities that is supported by the services of the project developed by the Théâtre des Calanques.

Within the same place, over the span of a year, three major events take place: in October/November, Les Innovatoires – representative creations from young dance, theatre and music artistes from across the world – in May/June, Les Rencontres Internationales Art et Biodiversité – research and work in common involving foreign and local artists, teams of young researchers, scientists, academics, and also shows and events outside the theatre itself – and Les Itinérances in July and September, during which artistic initiatives are developed along with rural population from the region, to highlight local resources – organizations, architectures, sites – and foster artistic residency programmes and shows in towns and villages.

The work of transmitting and sharing artistic experience is at the heart of the project, which includes learning and the training for artistes. The Le Cerisier school is an essential element.

The original creations of the company Nono and the international collaborations developed by them form the backbone of a project that has a reach across Europe and the world, and includes work in the local area with tours and special events.