On the edge of the pines of the Campagne Pastré, between the nature of the Calanques and the sea, but still directly connected to the reality of the city. Located close to the property of Lily Pastré, great patron of artists in the 20th century, the Théâtre des Calanques was set up in May 2008 in an area that had few cultural amenities, but a rich and diverse social fabric.

The public gather in a large wooden tent that covers 800 square metres, which is easily scalable and surrounded by a garden that changes as the seasons pass, allowing the company to use bold stage devices.

This huge installation is a cross between a cabaret and a circus ring and may be likened to a fair tent, an empty space or one with two fronts, where spectators are received in a variety of ways.

Visual play and sensations take on another dimension. Perceptions become many. The unavoidable loss of balance then leads to more personal emotions.

As the company is based in this special amenity, it can undertake continuous artistic work that is part of the social and geographic reality of a very specific location: the sixth and eighth arrondissements of Marseille.

It is within that environmental position and in collaboration with other organizations working in culture, education, sports and community support present in the area that the Théâtre des Calanques develops its creative projects and also its task of raising awareness and bringing in a wider public, giving the company its status of an independent subsidized company.