Le Cerisier is an international school for actors and stage art and writing, offering initial training for young people looking to develop their practice of the theatre or working towards competitive examinations of national or regional schools, and for developing in future actors fundamental knowledge and skills, while ensuring that personal work is part of a collective adventure, that of a theatre troupe

It is intended for people aged 18 to 28 and provides in-depth and thorough training in a place dedicated to contemporary creation. Training is organized in a cycle spanning three years:


A first cycle lasting two years

Acquisition and development of fundamental acting skills including:

  • Theory learning in dramaturgy, history of theatre and philosophy
  • Practical theatre workshops on stage, under the supervision of artistes who are recognized for their work and the quality of their teaching.
  • Lessons in opera singing and contemporary dance.
  • Personalized work that is developed “independently” within groups of students.

A year of professional qualification

It aims to develop the project of each student, support their search, enable them to work with a team of artistes and technicians, become familiar with the administrative path of a young company and become part of a profession.


Master classes from 7 days to 3 weeks

Master classes are organized every year with teaching by an international artiste (director, choreographer, playwright, actor or author).

A teaching team is made up to ensure teaching consistency.

The teaching is supervised by Marion Coutris, who is an author and director with a state degree in theatre teaching – Serge Noyelle, director, approved conservatory teacher, lecturer at the Paris-Dauphine university – Noël Vergès, actor and director, Nathalie Thauvin, director with a state degree in theatre teaching – Shad Reis, actor – Rémy Brès, Opera singing – Jean-Michel Déprats, dramaturgy translation and Benoît Kasolter, production director.

Teaching takes place from September to June, over 25 hours a week.

Enrolment fees are €500 per year and the training is free of charge.

Enrolment: under progress